General Presentation

Ironworks, foundry, thermoforming, toolings for composite parts.

With a design office and performing workshops, Meon studies and produces toolings for automobile and aeronautic industries for more than 90 years.

With 3 sites in St Etienne, Le Mans and Lorient, MEON stays close to its biggest customers.

History of Méon

The company was created by Mr Pétrus MEON in 1919 as a privately owned company that realizes models made of wood for foundries. It is situated in St Etienne: 28 rue de la Sablière.

1954, Pétrus MEON's 4 sons transform the company into a limited company - the activity is still about wood modelling.

In 1962 the company moves to 23 rue du Puits Thibault and starts the activity of metallic models for series production of automobile parts.

1972, MEON extends its know-how through buying of a company which produces cutting and thermoforming toolings and opening of a new site in 17 rue de la Talaudière.

Its competence domains is now wood and metallic modelling for foundries, cutting and thermoforming toolings and injection moulds for plastics.

1988 introduction of Computer Aided Manufacturing - MEON remains on top of technological development.

1990, transformation of the company into a public limited company and transfer of the headquarters to 17 rue de la Talaudière.

2000 diversification in aeronautics with the study and realization of mouldings for composite parts, complete industrialization of composite parts and 5 axes machining of complex parts.

2001 opening of a production site in Lorient and participation in the design office IFE.

2010 MEON takes over the IFE.

Mastering of toolings for forming parts.

Méon today

25 people are employed by MEON. The plant extends to 2.400 m² in Saint-Étienne which allows managing all sorts of production constraints with the most performing technologies.


IFE (ingénierie de fonderie européenne), Le Mans, BE 12 people.
SML (société de modelage de Lorient), Caudan, 8 people.

Juridical status

MEON is a public limited company with a capital of 350.000 euros.