MEON, that is more than 50 years of experience in concept development, research, implementation of complex tools of molded and casted for automobile industry: cylinder heads, output collectors...

MEON and its subsidiary IFE participate with their customers' teams to the installation and adjustment of tools on the production sites.

Conception of casted or forged parts
  • Starting from the functional plan, construction of the part in CAD with if necessary calculation of the mechanical resistance
  • E. g.: cylinder blocs; cylinder head; pivot; turbo; collector; arms; breaking parts

Research of industrialization of the part
Starting with the customers' means:
  • Research of the mold for the casted part
  • Solidification research
  • Creepage research of the forged part
  • Check list of all necessary means for the implementation of the part

Casting of the first parts
  • In aluminum alloy
  • In cast on prototype means

Dimensional check of parts
Research and Finalization
Prototype toolings in aluminium or resin

Series toolings in treated or non-treated steel

For foundry aluminium or cast:
  • Core moulds: Hansberg, Loramendi, Osborn, Laempe
  • Model plaques; Disa, Osborn, Gimat...
  • Molds gravity
  • Molds low pressure
  • Molds under pressure
  • Toolings for finishing and completion
  • Surroundings: core bonding, core deburring, handling beams
For casts
  • Cast matrices
  • Die cutting matrices
  • Finishing tools

Machining of prototype parts

For all our customers, toolings from MEON represent a safety guarantee for life-long operating.