Since the beginning in the 1990s, MEON has been following a quality approach with the objective to satisfy the demand of our customers, our suppliers and our employees and thus respect the regulatory and legal requirements.

Continuous improvement of the company is founded on a quality-environment politic which is constantly developing, in order to be closest to market demand. It is in this sense that the management of MEON & Fils is committed to put in place and to maintain a global approach to improve quality and to respect the environment and sustainable development, conform with the referential ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

ISO 9001 : 2008
Quality Management systems
The objectives of customer satisfaction, profitability of the company and a real innovation policy lead to a prioritization of efforts on:
  • an approach of continuous progress aiming at improving customer service, reliability and quality of our products and our competitiveness;
  • a social policy aiming at improving the security of people, favoring the social dialogue and the communication, developing trainings and competences;
  • an R&D program based on continuous innovation of products and processes, allowing to propose high-performing products with the highest added value.
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ISO 14001 : 2004
Environmental Management
The axes of our environmental policy have been defined in a way to implement the necessary human, organizational and technical means which allow to:
  • permanently respect the regulatory requirements and others which are applicable to our businesses and to environmental aspects;
  • anticipate pollution risks, master and reduce at best the impact on the environment;
  • convince our staff of the company values and improve the communication between entities and to external interested parties.
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Quality and the respect of the environment aren't a result of chance, but a result of the commitment of our top management, implication of our management and the active participation of all our employees.

My commitment in this formal engagement is the pledge of implication of each and every one of my collaborators.

François MEON